Hazel by Jenna & Kim Campfield

Jenna started Hazel with racks of clothes and jewelry displayed on the dining room table in the home where she grew up.  Quickly, her trendy clothes and chic accessories were the talk around not only her hometown but all over the tri-state area.  Sooner than expected Jenna opened her first store in Belmar, NJ, in May 2014.  

Partnering up with her twin sister, Kim, they opened another store in Ramsey, NJ, just a year later.  The two sisters expanded their brand by coming out with their own line of clothing and accessories.  Why the name Hazel Boutique?  The twins have hazel eyes along with everyone else in their super close and supportive family.

With the hope of constantly growing and most importantly meeting the demand of their Hazelnuts, Jenna and Kim wanted customers who do not live in the area to have access to all the latest trends and Hazel apparel.